Every month the same bill
Unlimited calls towards 2 favourite numbers
Rollover credit and MB
    Prenesi i Dopuni

MIN in network


Free calls with 2 favourite numbers

100 MB

EUR   5.90


  • Additional information...
    • Prices are expressed in € for one minute of call,
    • Tariff interval is 60 seconds,
    • Credit included in the monthly subscription can be used for calls to all networks in Montenegro, SMS and MMS to Montenegro and Serbia and internet traffic made in Montenegro,
    • Credit included in the monthly subscription cannot be used for international and roaming traffic, prepaid numbers top-up, purchase of tariff add-ons, nor calls to special, 1181 and service numbers,
    • The user can carry over the unused traffic included in the subscription to the next three months,
    • In order to use the services not included in the monthly subscription, user must top up,
    • The user cannot carry over the unused internet traffic included in the subscription to next months,
    • Maximum internet throughput the user can reach in this package is 7.2 Mb/s,
    • The user is entitled to activate 2 F&F numbers from Telenor Montenegro network, to which it will have free calls (in one direction),
    • SMS / MMS are charged per message sent,
    • Receipt of SMS / MMS messages is free of charge,
    • GPRS - minimum transferred data quantity is 100 KB,
    • International calls are charged under the valid Price List,
    • Roaming tariffs are in line with Travel Sure Price List,
    • The indicated internet speed represents the maximum possible internet access speed in that tariff package,
    • The unused traffic in the given tariff package is lost if the user transfers to some other tariff package.