Free roaming minutes
Free calls in the country and towards 25 in the world
Unlimited fast internet
    Premium +

MIN to all

MIN in network

MIN in roaming




Digital services



5000 / 5000

15000 MB


Capture, Deezer, My Contacts

EUR   89,9



  • Additional information
    • Prices are expressed in € for one minute of call.
    • Tariff interval is 60 seconds.
    • Minutes included in the subscription can be used for calls to all networks in Montenegro (except for special numbers, Telekom’s phonebook and service numbers.). For users of Premium+ package minutes can be used also to 25 countries in the international zone.
    • 25 countries in the international zone within Premium+ package are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Canada, China, Cyprus, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Rumania, USA, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain.
    • SMS and MMS, included in the subscription, can be sent to all networks in Montenegro and Serbia.
    • Unused minutes, SMSs and MMSs, included in the subscription, can be carried over to the following months (three months).
    • After used data quantity at maximum speeds (15000 MB), the data throughput is reduced.
    • Throughput for Premium+ applies for maximum possible throughput in the network, and the reduced throughput is 64 Kb/s.
    • MB/GB for maximum speed throughput cannot be carried over to the next month.
    • Minutes to Telenor Montenegro network are used after used minutes included in the subscription and are not carried over to the following months. The policy of fair usage is applied after used 5,000 minutes, traffic is charged under Price List.
    • Minutes are used both for incoming and outgoing calls (aggregately) and relate only to destinations that belong to Zone 0 and Zone 1 (Zone under the valid Price list).
    • Unused roaming minutes, included in the subscription, can be carried over to the next three months.
    • Roaming minutes relate to both incoming and outgoing calls.
    • SMS / MMS is charged per message sent.
    • Receiving SMS / MMS messages is free of charge.
    • GPRS – minimum quantity of data transferred is 100 KB.
    • International calls are charged according to the valid Price List.
    • Roaming tariffs are in line with the Travel Sure Price List.
    • Users of Premium+ packages are entitled to free use of the service - Deezer (2 GB of internet for the use of this service).
    • Traffic used for Deezer service is not transferred to the following months.
    • Users of Premium+ package are entitled to use the service - Capture (10 GB of respectively free use of internet traffic for the Capture service, 100 GB for storing data).
    • Traffic used for Capture service is not carried over to the following months.
    • The shown speed of internet represents maximum possible speed of access to the internet in the tariff package.
    • Unused traffic in the tariff package is lost if the user shifts to some other tariff package.