Add messages

Take the opportunity and add more messages to your package and enjoy typing and communicating with your friends in national traffic. 
500 SMS
Additional 500 SMS messages a month towards all mobile networks in Montenegro and Serbia.
Messages from the add-on are available after the messages from the tariff packages have been used up and they apply only to national traffic. Users of postpaid packages can use SMS messages from the add-on until the end of the month, with the exception of users of Prenesi I Dopuni package who can use SMS messages within 30 days from the activation date of the add-on.
Price: 2.95 EUR
Activation: send 500 SMS to number 1477

  • Terms of use
  • Activation and deactivation
  • All the stated prices are with tax included.


    For all postpaid users (with the exception of Prenesi I Dopuni packages) the above stated add-ons are automatically renewed every month until the user deactivates them.

    Users of Prenesi I Dopuni package, after the expiry of the tariff add-on (30 days after activation date) need to reactivate the tariff add-on, if they wish to use it in the following month. Tariff add-ons for users of Prenesi I Dopuni package are charged from their credit top-ups.


    During a single calculation period, a user may once activate the add-on which offers messages in national traffic.


    For the use of all add-ons, the full amount of monthly subscription for the add-on will be paid in order to get the full quantity of traffic both in the first and the last month of use.


    Tariff add-ons are deactivated at the end of a calculation period when the deactivation request is submitted.



  • Activation and deactivation of tariff add-ons is possible via the following channels:

    • By sending a respective code by SMS to number 9000
    • Via 123 Meni application
    • Via USSD *123# menu
    • By calling an agent at 1700
    • By visiting a Telenor shop 


    Name of add-on Key word Action
    500 SMS 500 SMS Activation 
    500 SMS STOP Deactivation