Feel the speed of 4G network 

Now you can enjoy in all the possibilities of 4G network - even faster and more powerful. Enjoy in as much as 6 time faster data throughput, best quality sound and powerful Internet experience at every step, every moment.


How faster 4G network is?
Click on the button to activate speed simulator. 
Internet speed simulator shows the time of data transfer, which inludes also time required for network connection. 4G = 0.2s, 3G = 2.2s, 2G = 3.6s
See technology descriptions and technical characteristics.
  • Are you ready for 4G?
  • Advices

    If you want to enjoy in high speeds that 4G technology enables and use the full potential of the Internet, you need to meet the following conditions:

      4G signal coverage   4G mobile phone   4G SIM card  

    See at the interactive map of Montenegro coverage where are areas covered by 4G signal.

    To use the high speeds of 4G network you need to be in 4G signal coverage zone.

    You can access 4G network only with 4G device. See the tab "Advice" to see how to check whether your device supports 4G technology.

    Telenor is offering a large number of 4G phones in its portfolio.

    You can get your 4G SIM card in any Telenor shop.

    The replacement of the old SIM card with a new 4G SIM card is free of charge and the customer keeps his number.


  • Below are some useful pieces of advice so that you can start using 4G technology with your device more easily and quickly:
    • Does your device support 4G technology?
      The device box usually and use instructions must state which technologies the device is fit to use. The other way of getting the answer is that 4G(LTE) will also appear in the list of available networks if you are in the 4G zone coverage and have 4G SIM card. 
    • What is 4G SIM card and how to get it?
      By its shape, the 4G SIM cards doesn't differ from the standard SIM card. The basic difference is that it enables the use of 4G technology with your device.
      You can get 4G SIM card very simply in any Telenor shop by surrendering your SIM card with the same number and getting a new 4G SIM card that will be ready to use. Card replacement is free of charge.
      If you have a device that doesn't support 4G technology and, at the same time, have the 4G SIM card, it will function as a standard SIM card, i.er. without a possibility of accessing 4G network.