Corporate responsibility

Strategy for responsibility
Our primary responsibility is to help people communicate wherever they are and maximize the benefits of our services.
Our key priorities
Driven by our values make it easy, keep promises, be inspiring and be respectful, we work to:
  • Maximise the enabling effect of mobile telecommunications.
  • Promote safer products and services and protect children online.
  • Minimize our carbon footprint at the same time as we develop climate friendly services that help our customers reduce their own footprints.
  • Make responsible business practices an integral part of everything we do, both strategically and operatively.
Corporate responsibility is embedded in the way we do business; in our governing principles, codes of conduct, vision and values and leadership expectations. We work systematically to embed corporate responsibility issues such as environmental and health and safety concerns into our management processes and policies. As far as possible, we seek to integrate corporate responsibility concerns into our core business functions.