Safe Internet

Telenor Montenegro is committed to safe use of mobile Internet, as well as to providing products that will protect even the most vulnerable members of society. This is why Telenor develops and provides services aimed to protect children while being on the Internet. Telenor was the first Montenegrin operator that, in 2009, has implemented a filter that blocks content with child pornography in mobile network.


As social responsible company, Telenor in 2012 started the project which aims to provide education and skills to Montenegrin children, their parents and teachers. The goal of the project is making a positive experience out of using internet, while at the same time building a sense of safety in digital environment. Both projects have been successfully implemented in cooperation with governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations.


The first phase of the project "Connecting generations" lasted from February 2012 to September 2012.  Through the pilot phase we wanted to test the activity and see reaction of children, parents and teachers on the concept of peer education in the field of child safety on the Internet. This phase also enabled us to hear, directly from our target group, what are the challenges that they face, which are things that they see as a problem or need, although this was later confirmed by another study, implemented by the Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications. It is interesting to mention that this project was done on the basis of experience and good practice in developed markets and companies operating within the Telenor Group. Activities during the pilot phase of the project ''Connecting generations'' were realized in partnership with the Ministry of Information Society and Telecommunications, as well as the Ministry of Education and Sport.


The end of the pilot phase and the first Forum on the topic of child safety on the Internet has been the beginning of the two-year project, which was conducted under the slogan “Surf Wisely Conquer the Internet”, from September 2012,  educating the second generation of Safe Internet Ambassadors. The Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications and the Ministry of Education have continued to work with Telenor at this stage while new partner on the project is NGO “Parents”.


Partnership with the two ministries and 25 elementary schools has enabled us to start building proper value system of behavior in the digital world. This is certainly long-term process and something we all need to work together. Cooperation with the Ministry and other partners is therefore very important and also guarantee of, not only the right competencies and technologies, but also new ways of education. We sincerely believe that this kind of cooperation between private sector, educational institutions and Government is essential to improve the education and skills of young generations.