Our products and services must be safe to use. Strict guidelines for electromagnetic field exposure and child safety online are two main priorities.
Electromagnetic fields
Currently there is no scientific evidence that electromagnetic exposure, also called radiation, is dangerous to your health. Nevertheless, Telenor follows guidelines to ensure safe exposure and recommends users to take certain precautions.
Network equipment such as antennas, repeater sites and base stations emit radio waves in order to ensure an extensive and high-quality mobile coverage. These radio waves are often labelled "radiation". But, in a health context, it is more precise to discuss electromagnetic fields, which encircle all electronic equipment.
Whenever Telenor installs new network equipment, we follow the electromagnetic exposure guidelines of Electromagnetic Exposure Guidelines of WHO in order to ensure safe exposure to people.
Radio waves from mobile phones
Mobile phones transmit radio waves and create electromagnetic fields as they communicate with base stations. The specific levels depend on the distance to the base station as well as the type of mobile phone.

Even though no harmful effects have so far been documented in research, users may take precautions to limit their exposure, such as:
  • Using hands-free equipment when talking on the mobile phone
  • Avoiding long calls
  • Sending SMS/MMS rather than calling
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among others.
Protecting Children Online
Telecommunications is a tremendous asset to children and their families. Children are keen and playful users of computers and mobile phones. But guidance and protection is needed, otherwise children may be subjected to "cyber bullying" or harmful material on their mobiles and computers.
Blocking access to child sexual abuse material
Child sexual abuse is a heinous crime and the distribution of such material has the effect of perpetuating the crime for the victims. The child sexual abuse filter is a technical barrier that blocks websites containing child sexual abuse content to a mobile phone or computer. The Telenor Group is a pioneer within this field and became the world's first telecom operator to cooperate with law enforcement authorities in creating such a filter. Following the success of the filter in three Nordic markets we in Telenor in Montenegro joined forces with Interpol Montenegro and expand the outreach of the filter to Montenegro.