Internet profile

Flat Internet package – Changing and Creating Internet Profile

To be able to use FLAT internet package, apart from activating the service it is vital that you change internet access profile on your device.

This is the instruction how to create Access Points for FLAT Internet (APN) on Android devices (HTC Wildfire, ZTE Blade, HTC Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy, Moj Tablet…)

To create Internet profile press:

  • MENU – > Settings – > Wireless &Networks
  • Mobile networks – > press Access Point Names – > Press MENU and then New APN – >

Type in the following configuration:

  • Name: Flat
  • APN: flat
  • Proxy: skip;
  • Port: skip
  • Username: skip;
  • Password: skip
  • Server: skip
  • MMSC: skip
  • MMS proxy: skip
  • MMS port: skip
  • MCC: skip
  • MNC: skip
  • Authentication type: POP or CHAP
  • APN Type: skip

Press MENU and then Save – >

Press Flat APN in order to set it up as default settings

To check settings, press MENU – > Settings – > Wireless &Networks


Go to the bottom and press Access Point Names

FLAT should be marked


Leave the menu by pressing BACK


Your device is ready to use FLAT Internet