Your memories are


  • • Store your memories safely on a protected online server.
    •  Access your photos at any moment from any device.
    •  Free your phone storage for other purposes.
    • Use internet traffic allocated solely for Capture application free of charge.

In case you lose, damage or replace your mobile phone or tablet, your photos will still be safe.
You'll have simple access to them both from your mobile device and your computer via your single account.


Download application free of charge until the end of  2017.


  • Within the postpaid pacakges
  • Activation
  • Terms of Use
    • Capture is very simple to use. All you have to do is download the application to a smart device and create a user account. You can simultaneously customise the option for automatic uploading of photos and video clips. This option can be chosen in the application so that you will have full control of the usage of the application. Telenor provides sufficient internet traffic, so you don't have to worry while using this service.

    • This is a unique service and offer in the market with sufficient space (25, 50, 100 GB) even for the most demanding customers and free internet traffic for the use of the application, free of charge until the end of 2017.

    • Capture offers you the possibility to save your memories and view them whenever you wish on any device. The service can also be used via a computer, which means that photos  stored in other smart devices can also be accessed from it;

    • In case of failure, loss or change of a mobile device or tablet, you don't have to transfer manually your photos and videos, because Capture will do it for you;


      Safety of information: Encryption of data proceeds on the phone, cloud and server, which means that there is practically no possibility that customer's privacy can be disturbed;

    • Additional storage space  for saving customer's memories. Mobile phones have limited storage space and they often delete "older" memories in order to create new ones. Customers can safely store photos and video clips in Capture and use phone storage space for other purposes;

    • Photos and video clips can be uploaded via mobile handsets, and all the other files can be uploaded via computers, regardless of their type (Word, Excel, ppt, mp3, wav etc...);

    • In case files are deleted from a Capture account, they will be saved on a server for another 30 days. If a customer changes his/her mind about deletion, it is possible to restore the files, but solely via web application;

    • As opposed to competition such as Dropbox or Google Drive, Capture offers internet traffic for data transfer from and to the cloud space, while competition offers only internet space.



    Capture mobile application is available for Android operating system (version 4.0 or newer) and iOS operating system (version 7.0 or newer).






  • You can activate Capture via:


    All private customers (pre-paid and post-paid) get Capture free of charge from December 1, 2015 until December 31, 2017.

    If you are a user of Prenesi Play+ package and have activated Capture in a slot, the service can be removed from the slot and will be available as part of your tariff package. This means that you can activate yet another additional service within the freed slot. The promotional campaign is available with all current and old tariff packages, including internet tariff packages.

    Depending on the package, you will get between 25 GB and 100 GB of space for storing photos and between 2 GB and 10 GB of internet traffic for data transfer for this service.


    Check how much space you get in your tariff package.



    How are my files stored?

    Your data are accessible only to you. All data are coded by 256-bit Advance Encryption Standard. Coding takes place on several servers located at Telenor Digital Centre for storing data in Norway.


    If I delete a file from the application via phone, will it be deleted when I access my account via computer or other device?

    Yes, when you delete a photo from Capture application, it will also be deleted from all the other devices connected to your account. Should you change your mind about deletion, there is a possibility to restore the file, but solely via web application. 

    To restore the deleted files, it is necessary to proceed as follows:

    • Open Capture web portal and click the menu in upper right corner
    • Choose "Trash" option and mark the files you wish to restore, and then click "Restore files"

    Capture application stores files in Recycle Bin for 30 days after deletion.


    Is Capture application available for Symbian or Windows phone OS?

    No, because it is intended for smart phones. Symbian OS does not support it, and for phones with Windows OS the application is under development. When the application becomes available for WP, we will notify the customers about it.


    When I delete Capture application from my device, the question appears asking me if I wish to delete local files. Does this imply deletion of files from Capture account or my phone?

    No, these files will be removed only from the device. All files from Capture account are safely stored on Capture servers and can be downloaded again by re-installation of Capture application.


    Can I restore data after I have deleted them from my Capture account?

    When a file is deleted, it means that it was moved to the Recycle Bin which can be accessed via web application. Capture application stores the files in the Recycle Bin for 30 days after deletion or until the customer empties the Recycle Bin manually. After that, the files will be deleted for good.




    If you happen to use up all internet traffic allocated to you for using Capture, you can continue to use the application with internet traffic from your tariff package.

    If you use up all the space allocated to you for storing photos, you can buy as much as you need within the application itself. Internet traffic allocated for the use of the service is valid only in Telenor network. The traffic realised during use while in roaming will be charged as any other traffic realised while in roaming.


    Telenor is not responsible and cannot control the changes in the application for providing Capture service, its new functionalities and similar. In case of changes of the Terms of Use of Capture service, you will be notified in line with the General Terms of Use. During the promotional period you can activate and deactivate the service and use it for as many times as you wish and use it according to the promotional Terms of Use. If you deactivate the service, your account for Capture application will not be closed, so you will continue to have access to your photos for an unlimited time, but you will not be able to upload new ones. Besides, you will not have free internet traffic for the use of the application.