Facebook is a service which includes Facebook web and mobile site, Facebook Messenger, and multiplatform mobile application which enables its users to access Facebook social network. Facebook Messenger is accessible for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone devices and it enables users who have activated this service to exchange messages regardless of the handset type they possess.

Telenor enables its users not to have to worry about additional charges for Internet while using Facebook, i.e. when they activate this service, users will have 2 GB internet traffic solely for its use. If a user is in roaming, the internet traffic spent on Facebook service shall be charged according to his/her roaming tariff package and the quantity of traffic transmitted.


This service is not available through Opera Mini browser.



  • PREPAID customers
  • POSTPAID customers
  • Note
    The activation of Facebook add-on via Moj Telenor application and portal is free of charge, and the Facebook service can be used in the period of 30 days from the activation date, after the expiry of which a customer may re-activate free FB via portal and application for the price of  0.85 EUR, tax included.
    Digital service is available to all postpaid customers in the tariff add-on Social networks.
    If you are leaving the Facebook environment, and/or activating other internet links, internet traffic shall be charged according to the standard pricelist of the package you are using.