Sport Uživo (Sport Alive)

Keep abreast of the current sports events at all times

From now on you can follow more than 15 different sports events from all around the world in real time and have a detailed overview of statistics, analyses and the latest information related to your favourite teams and athletes, with the digital service “ Sport Uživo”(Sport Alive).

Whether you are a fan of football, basketball, volleyball, tennis or any other sport, with the “Sport Uživo” you will be able to follow the action in the field first hand, via an attractive animated image which records each detail of a match or a game in real time.

You can access the application “ Sport Uživo” on your desktop or laptop computer or via mobile Internet on your tablet or smart phone, and thus always keep abreast of the on-going sports events, wherever you may find yourself.


If you are a user of the new Prenesi Play+, within the Moj Telenor app or portal you can opt for “Sport Uživo” as a service you can use at no additional charges within the package.

If you subscribe to “Sport Uživo” , you will receive 2GB of Internet traffic intended solely for the users of this service. Should you spend your bonus gigabytes, all the subsequent Internet traffic for the service will be calculated in accordance with the current Internet tariff in the Telenor network and depending on the selected postpaid package.


Terms and conditions Sport Uživo services



  • Activation and prices
  • Note
  • The digital service “Sport Uživo” (Sport Alive) is available to all the postpaid and prepaid Telenor users.
    The activation is made via application 123 MENU at EUR 0,95 * for postpaid and prepaid users.

    All users who activate the digital service “Sport Uživo” will get 30 days of charge-free service.

    *For all the postpaid tariff packages, with the exception of “PRENESI I DOPUNI” package, the duration of the add-on is calculated from the moment of activation until the last day of the month of activation. Duration of the add-on for the tariff package “PRENESI I DOPUNI” is 30 days from the moment of activation. The activated add-on shall be automatically renewed each month.

    **”Sport Uživo” add-on may be activated an unlimited number of times in the course of a month, whereby add-ons are not renewed automatically. Rather, the users who wish to use it also in the following month must reactivate the tariff add-on after expiry of the validity thereof.
  • If the postpaid users do not de-register from the service prior to expiry of the 30th day of the test period, and they will be informed so in a text message, they will be charged for the service use in the current month.

    Example: If the service is activated on 10 June 2014 and is not de-activated by 10 July 2014, the user will be charged for the use of service in accordance with the effective price list of Telenor Ltd. as if he had subscribed to the service on 10 July.