WhatsApp Messenger is a multi-platform mobile application for text messaging allowing you to exchange text messages with your friends. WhatsApp Messenger is available for Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia telephones all of which may exchange messages.


In addition to text messaging, the customers may create groups, exchange an unlimited number of photos, video content and audio messages through the WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp Messenger uses only Internet traffic which is not additionally charged but is entirely included in the price of the digital service. The service gives you unlimited Internet for use of WhatsApp.



WhatsApp terms of use.


  • POSTPAID users
  • PREPAID users
  • WhatsApp digital service is available to all the postpaid customers as a tariff add-on that may be activated at EUR 0,95/month*
    The activation is made via application 123 MENU.

    If you are a user of Play+ packages, within 123 Menu application you can activate WhatsApp service free of charge as part of the package.



    * For all the postpaid tariff packages, with the exception of PRENESI I DOPUNI package, the duration of add-on is calculated from the moment of activation until the last day of the month when the activation was made. Duration of add-on for the tariff package PRENESI I DOPUNI is 30 days from the moment of activation.


    The activated add-on is automatically renewed each month.




  • WhatsApp digital service is available to all the prepaid customers as a tariff add-on at EUR 0,95 / 30 days**

    The activation is made via application 123 MENU.



    ** The number of WhatsApp add-on activations during one month is unlimited. Add-ons are not renewed automatically. If the customers wish to continue using them in the following month, they to re-activate WhatsApp tariff add-on after the expiry of the validity of thereof.