F&F Service

Select a number and talk for less money!
Family & Friends (F&F) is a service that gives you a possibility to select numbers to which you get more favourable tariff for calls.
F&F discounts for postpaid users
Select 3 Telenor numbers for 50 % discount
To activate F&F discount, send SMS to number 14690:
FF number1 number2 number3
FF 069123456 069234567 069345678
After sending a request, you will receive a return message with selected numbers you can check, and then confirm the activation by sending SMS message reading:
FF DA    (FF  YES)
You will be informed by a SMS when the F&F discount is active. Numbers can be changed after 30 days as of the activation date. 
For checking your F&F numbers, send SMS message, reading: FF INFO.
F&F discounts are applicable to private customers only.
F&F discounts do not apply in roaming.