My Telenor tone

My Telenor tone – enables users to select music background that changes the standard sound of the calling signal you hear when called.
User have at their disposal over 800 tones (out of which more than 100 are free of charge) from the category of national and foreign artists. Apart from basic functionalities, such as top ten lists, searches according to tunes or singers, the service also offer additional services such as: creating a group (selecting the same tone for all members of a group), tone copying (setting the tone that the user has heard when calling another user), blacklisting (banning specific users to hear the set tone).
What is My Telenor tone?
The service My Telenor tone enables you to hear the tone you have set yourself instead of the existing sound signal.
How to activate My Telenor Tone?
The service can be activated in several ways, over:
  - WEB
  - WAP
  - SMS – by sending the key word ‘Activation’ to free number 14888
  - IVR – by dialling the free number 14888
Creating a group:
You can make groups, which will hear different tones intended for them only. So, you can set one tone for your school friends, other for family…
Gift tone:
You can give a tone to a friend as a gift, the only condition is that he has My Telenor tone service activated.
Buying a tone from a friend:
If you like the tone your friend has, it’s enough to enter *# while listening to his tone and it will be placed in your personal library.
 You can see the price of tone when buying it. There are over 100 free tones available.
Tone duration:
 Each tone you buy will be in your library for 3 months.
Tones division:
All tones are divided according to singers, name and genre.
Top lists:
All times top list – Tones that customers bought the most, 
Monthly top list – Tones that customers bought the most in the current month,
Weekly top list – Tones that customers bought the most in the current week .
Listening to tones before purchase:
If you want to buy a specific tone, you can listen to it before actual purchase. 
Recording personal tone:
You can record a personal tone and set it as the basic one or assign it to a group if you have created one.
Black list:
You can blacklist phone numbers, who will not hear the tone you have set, when they call you.