SOS top-up

Stay in contact anywhere and anytime with SOS top-up


With “SOS top-up” you can now continue converstations, text messages or Internet surfing smoothly when you need it most and when you do not have a possibility to add to your account.

The service “SOS top-up” is available to all the prepaid users who have less than 0,20 € on their accounts.

The ”SOS top-up“ allows you to use the proceeds you do not have on your account that very moment. In other words, it allows you to” be in the red“. In order to be eligible for ”SOS top-ups“ you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • To have less than 0,20 € on your prepaid account,
  • That you are not in the red already

If you fulfill the above conditions, the ”SOS top-up“  will be at your disposal over the next five days and you will be able to talk, use text messaging, MMS and GPRS up to the amount of 0,50 €.

And that is not all. If you have been a Telenor user for more than 6 months, you have the option of “going into the red“ up to 1€ also.

Send “SOS 1” to 1488 and you will receive 1€ which you may use for conversations, text messages and GPRS for the next five days.


  • Activation
  • The service ”SOS top-up“ is activated by sending a free of charge text message with SOS to 1488 for an top-up of 0,50 € or SOS 1 for an top-up of 1€. A fixed fee for use of the ”SOS top-up“ and the sum of the ”SOS top-up“ spent will be charged when you add to your account next time.

    A fixed fee is 0,05 € or 0,10€ and is collected only if you use the ”SOS top-up“.

    The”SOS top-up“ is effective for five days from the activation day. Every time after that, the service will be activted in the same way, under the same conditions. The users who have activated the service ”SOS top-up“ can neither use the service “Money transfer“ nor activate “My Menu” offer.

    All prices include VAT.