Twitter SMS

Tweet and follow your friends by sending and receiving SMS messages over number 14774.


From now on, you can tweet by SMS. Twitter SMS enables you to be in connection with your friends at any time and wherever you happen to be, regardless where they are. You can activate Twitter SMS on the Web or mobile phone. All Twitter users register for their messages by following yours or any other account.


Twitter is a social network which connects you in real time with the latest information on everything that is interesting and important for you. In order to achieve that by Twitter, short messages (tweets) are used, which contain 140 characters at the most. Although short, these messages carry an abundance of information on latest media contents or topics you are interested in. All these messages are public and available to everybody. Twitter enables combining of messages which are written quickly and easily read.

  • Web activation
  • Activation by mobile phone
  • Commands
  • Prices
    • Log in to your Twitter account
    • Select option Settings - Mobile
    • As your country select: Montenegro, and as your operator: Telenor
    • Enter your phone number and click Start 

    After activation, send SMS reading GO to 14774, and you will receive a reply that your phone has been activated for receiving notifications from Twitter by SMS. 


  • If you do not have a Twitter account:

    • Send SMS reading START to number 14774.
    • Twitter will send you a message you should reply by typing SIGNUP in order to create your new account. After that Twitter will ask you to choose your username, which should be simple and not longer than 15 characters. Send a message containing your username you wish to register with to number 14774.  
    • If that username is free, Twitter will ask you to choose a password.
    • Twitter will then notify you that you have successfully created your Twitter account and activated Twitter SMS service.
    • You can now send your first message or tweet!


    If you already have a Twitter account:

    • Send SMS reading START to number 14774 in order to activate Twitter SMS service.
    • Twitter will send you a message asking you to reply with your username.
    • After that Twitter will ask you to send your password, taking care about upper and lower case. 
    • Send your password and if it is correct, Twitter will ask you to answer with OK in order to register your phone number for your Twitter account.
    • Now your Twitter SMS service is active. 


  • Activating and deactivating latest information from Twitter

    1. ON:  To activate the reception of all information and news you have chosen for your account.

    2. OFF: To deactivate sending of all information except personal messages.

    3. STOP, QUIT, END, CANCEL, ARREST or UNSUBSCRIBE: To deactivate sending of all information, including personal messages.

    4. ON Username: To activate sending information on a specific person, e.g. : ON IvanIvanovic.

    5. OFF Username: To activate sending information on a specific person, e.g. : OFF YUCQ1.

    6. FOLLOW Username: The command which enables us to follow a specific person and receive SMS information about that person, e.g.: FOLLOW MarkoMarkovic

    7. LEAVE Username: The command which deactivates sending SMS information on a certain person, e.g.: LEAVE IvanIvanovic.


  • Sending SMS to number 14774 is charged as a standard SMS depending on the tariff package you are using, while the reception of messages from the number 14774 is free of charge.


    Messages sent from roaming to 14774 are charged according to tariffs which are valid for roaming depending on the zone you are in.


    If you wish to see some of the commands for a Twitter SMS, visit:

    Find more details on the site of the Twitter Help Center.