Tourist Prepaid Pack

Unlimited internet on your phone 


Activate Tourist add-on free of charge and have an experience of unlimited surfing.
Send ACT to 1466 and enjoy free of charge in 3 days of unlimited internet. With each next top-up, you get another 3 days of unlimited internet.


Touristic package
Touristic package is available at the price of 3EUR with as much credit on your account. Touristic package contains also multilingual guide where you will find activation details of touristic offer, as well as all that matters for using the prepaid card.


  • Details
    By activating the Touristic add-on, you get 150MB at maximum speed after which the speed goes down to 64kb/s.
    The offer is on till September 30, 2015 only for the Touristic package.


    If you don’t have any more credit, you can top-up your prepaid number online on our site. Payments can be done by Visa and MasterCard pay cards of all banks intended for Internet payments.