How to become Telenor customer

Prepaid customer
Buying a prepaid package at any sales point in Monteengro, and by making a first call you are becoming Telenor customer.
When buying a prepaid package, a customer is obliged by the Law to fill in the registration form, and provide an ID to an authorised seller.
Postpaid customer
To become a postpaid customer you have to sign a contract. Only citizens of Montenegro can become postpaid customers as private individuals. To be able to sign the contract, and become a user of Telenor postpaid services, a citizen of Montenegro needs to provide a valid ID, issued by a proper body in Montegro and to have a unique identification number (JMBG).
Foreigners can become postaid customers only as the part of Business tariff plans. Signing of the contract and obtaining a SIM card is done in person only.
All our customers have Call Center 1700 at their disposal. Team of dedicated and polite people is available 24 hours, 7 days a week... Calls towards 1700 are free of charge when calling from Telenor network.