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Your memories are ALWAYS SAFE


  • Store your memories safely on a protected online server
  • Access your photos at any moment from any device
  • Free your phone storage for other purposes
  • Use internet traffic allocated solely for Capture application free of charge


Download application free of charge until the end of 2017


In case you lose, damage or replace your mobile phone or tablet, your photos will still be safe.

You'll have simple access to them both from your mobile device and your computer via your single account.


Capture is very simple to use. All you have to do is download the application to a smart device and create a user account. You can simultaneously customise the option for automatic uploading of photos and video clips. This option can be chosen in the application so that you will have full control of the usage of the application. Telenor provides sufficient internet traffic, so you don't have to worry while using this service.


Characteristics and advantages


How to activate?

This is a unique service and offer in the market with sufficient space (25, 50, 100 GB) even for the most demanding customers and free internet traffic for the use of the application, free of charge until the end of 2017. All prepaid customers get 25GB of storage and 2 GB of free domestic Internet traffic intended exclusively for Capture.

Capture offers you the possibility to save your memories and view them whenever you wish on any device. The service can also be used via a computer, which means that photos  stored in other smart devices can also be accessed from it. In case of failure, loss or change of a mobile device or tablet, you don't have to transfer manually your photos and videos, because Capture will do it for you.

As opposed to competition such as Dropbox or Google Drive, Capture offers internet traffic for data transfer from and to the cloud space. Service is free of charge.

Capture terms of use


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Moj Telenor app


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