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As of now, with digital service Novinarnica (Newsstand), you can read the latest issue of most popular magazines wherever you are and whenever you wish. You can select one of the two packages of magazines we have chosen for you:

Package 1:

  • Top Speed                            
  • Esquire      
  • Man’s Health                          
  • National Geographic             
  • Nautika   
  • Telenor Kontakt magazin

Package 2:

  • Lepota & Zdravlje    
  • Grazia             
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Politikin Zabavnik   
  • Telenor Kontakt magazin 

You can access this service from your desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smart phone, and read your favourite magazines wherever you may be. At the moment Newsstand mobile application is available for Android operating system, while the version of the mobile application for iOS operating system will be available in the forthcoming period. Besides the mobile version, the service can also be accessed via web site


The initial activation of the service is free of charge as a tariff add-on for prepaid customers, and the service can be used during a promotional period of 30 days from the activation date upon which it shall be charged.


How to activate?

For all customers who wish to try Newsstand service, Telenor has provided a free trial period lasting one month during which the use of the service will not be charged.

With the subscription to Newsstand you will receive 2 GB of Internet traffic assigned solely for the use of this service. The price of the service is 3,45 EURa month (with VAT included) for 30 days of using the service as a tariff add-on.

NOVINARNICA terms of use


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