Communicate easier, faster and safer every day.

Our wish to be present where you are, inspired us to constantly improve our resources and expand the coverage of our network, with the ultimate aim to grow on together with you and your needs. That means that whenever you want, you can talk, send messages or surf the internet on your mobile device and never miss an important thing.

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Telenor Smart network is optimized with the idea to pull out maximum capabilities from your smart device. With 4G fast internet connection, you can follow the most interesting and most demanding online content and to be in contact with all those who mean a lot to you. We bring you up-to-date technology and latest digital services for even better internet experience.


By using the latest technology and carefully designed work processes, our network provides you with safety, in line with highest industry standards. In our network, all your data is secured and protected, because Smart network facilitates safe data transfer during internet browsing, while using advanced services for communication, organization, financial transactions or safe storage content.