Telenor response to the emergence of the corona virus 2019

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Due to the world health situation caused by COVID-19, safety and health of our employees, customers and partners are our first priority. Telenor closely follows the guidelines and measures prescribed by the Government and Ministry of Health of Montenegro, as well as international  health organizations. Our dedicated task force manages the situation 24 hours a day.

These are challenging times for our community, but also the time when our company has a huge responsibility. We have a vital role in connecting individuals, organizations, businesses, health and government workers and remain fully committed to keep all our customers connected with our network and communication services.

Our task force works closely with the Serbian authorities to secure that our customer service and business continuity are in line with measures and recommendations in force and will inform you regularly on any updates.
It is up to us to act responsibly, remain calm and respect the measures, recommendations and advices of the Government and local health authorities.

Take care of your health!

Our employees

In order to maintain the safety and health of our employees, we have divided them into two weekly shifts so that one shift works from home, while the other operates from the office. The shifts work without encounters and with increased hygiene and sanitation measures in the workplace. Work from the office is not mandatory and can be replaced with work from home, especially for parents. The main recommendation is: if you do not have work from the office, work from home!

Our customers

Telenor remains fully committed to providing smooth customer service and cooperation with our business partners. We are aware of the fact that we provide critical connections to family, friends and essential services such as first responders, healthcare, government agencies, and schools. We are encouraging our employees to maximize our network, audio or video conference tools and digital services such as Twitter and Facebook to stay connected and close to our partners and customers.Customers are advised to use the MojTelenor app to provide and activate services online. We also refer them to our web store. You can always contact us through the official accounts of Telenor Montenegro on Facebook and Twitter, as well as via emails and

Our stores

Our shops remain open, but we follow the prescribed measures and act accordingly. Shops are disinfected and cleaned several times a day, and our staff keeps a sufficient distance to reduce the risk of spreading the infection.