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  • In order to use Telenor logo, you must obtain a license or some other type of agreement;
  • Third parties may not use Telenor logo for any purpose, unless they have a specific approval.
  • Telenor logo cannot be changed or modified.
  • Unauthorized usage of Telenor logo shall be considered as a violation of copyright and shall be subject to legal action.



                    Horizontal logo:

• Telenor horizontal - CMYK
• Telenor horizontal - JPEG


              Vertical logo: 

• Telenor vertical- CMYK
• Telenor vertical - JPEG

There are two variants of the logo: horizontal and vertical. The horizontal version should be regarded as the main logo and used wherever possible.
The "telenor" logotype and the Telenor logo are inseparable, hence the symbol cannot be separated from the name. To ensure legibility, it is important to leave enough space around the entire logo.