Deezer Music

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Music without limits, anytime, anywhere you may be!

Now you can carry with you all these songs wherever you go, on you mobile, table or laptop. You can listen to the music any time using Telenor Smart Network, wireless internet or offline work mode, even when you do not have Internet connection. This option is the best choice when you are on a plane, abroad or when you do not have access to Internet for any other reason.

You have no time to make lists?

When you have no time to make lists and want to listen to something either well-known or new and different, there is a huge selection of theme radio stations that Deezer Music is placing at your disposal. All you have to do is select your favourite artist or genre and enjoy the music without limits, anytime and anywhere. And good new is that Deezer has 40 million songs in its base. 

How to activate?


The price of service is 4.99 EUR a month, i.e. for 30 days with tariff add-on.

If you are a user of the new Prenesi Play+ packages, within Moj Telenor application or Moj Telenor portal you can  opt for “Deezer Music” as a service you can use at no additional charges within the package.

Deezer Music terms on use.


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