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Facebook web and mobile site

Using one of the most popular social network in the world has never been easier! It is enough to choose Facebook as one of our digital services and enjoy in sending messages, writing statuses, sharing photos and having fun with all your Facebook friends, without limitations. This service is available on all operating systems, and includes Facebook Messenger platform.

Additional Internet for facebook


Telenor enables its users not to have to worry about additional charges for Internet.

Users will have 10 GB of internet traffic solely for its use.

If a user is in roaming, the internet traffic spent on Facebook service shall be charged according to his/her roaming tariff package and the quantity of traffic transmitted.


How to activate?


The first activation is free of charge for prepaid customers, and Facebook service can be used in the period of 30 days after the activation date, following which it shall be charged  0.99 EUR with included tax.


A customer may cancel the service any time  Moj Telenor application and portal.

The price of service:  0.99 EUR monthly, or 30 days with tariff add-on.

Terms of use of Facebook digital service


Activate service via

Moj Telenor app


Activate service via