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Social network and microblog


Twitter is a social network and microblogging tool which enables customers to read other people's and send their own micro textual messages, the so-called twits. Twits are text entries with 140 characters at the most. Terms of use of Twitter service are defined by Twitter Company.


Without extra charge


To its customers who are prepaid physical persons on the territory of Serbia, Telenor offers the opportunity to use Twitter service without having to worry about additional charges for Internet, i.e. while activating the service, customers shall be assigned Internet traffic for its use.


How to activate?


Twitter digital service is available to all prepaid customers as a tariff add-on. Initial activation of the service as a tariff add-on is free of charge for all prepaid customers, and Twitter service can be used during a period of 30 days from the activation date, after the expiry of which it shall be charged 0.29 EUR with tax included.

It is possible to activate Twitter add-on for an unlimited number of times in the course of a month. Activated add-on is automatically renewed each month. 

Price of service: 0.29 EUR monthly, or 30 days with tariff add-on.

Twitter Terms of use.


Activate service via

Moj Telenor app


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