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Mobile portability

The fastest and the best network opens the door to all pre-paid and post paid users who want to become user of one of the world's largest telecommunications company and continue to use their old phone number. 



My Menu *123#

From now on, users of prepaid and postpaid numbers have all the best offers at one place at every moment. 
By dialling *123# on his phone, the customer is calling My Menu and numerous options for benefits will automatically appear on the screen. 


SOS top-up

With “SOS top-up” you can now continue converstations, text messages or Internet surfing smoothly when you need it most and when you do not have a possibility to add to your account.



My Telenor tone

My Telenor tone – enables users to select music background that changes the standard sound of the calling signal you hear when called.



Phone services

Useful phone numbers and codes for users



Twitter SMS

Tweet and follow your friends by sending and receiving SMS messages over number 14774.



Mobile Facebook

From now on you can upload photos and videos using WAP and MMS service of Telenor and Facebook® Mobile. You can do it all on the move, because you do not need a computer at all!



F&F Service

Family & Friends (F&F) is a service that gives you a possibility to select numbers to which you get more favourable tariff for calls.



Premium services

Premium services include SMS and voice services with added value, in other words, services which add premium value to basic services (prices which differ from the standard prices of SMS or GPRS).