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To all prepaid users roaming service is activated automatically 


Access to another network

The use of mobile telephone while in the networks of other national or international operators is very simple and does not differ from the standard use of telephone within Telenor network. To use the roaming service, you need to select the network of your preference. The telephone menu contains the function Network Selection which offers Automatic or Manual network selection.
If the telephone is set to automatic network selection, when you first switch on your telephone abroad or in the area covered by another GSM network, the telephone display will show that has connected to the operator with the strongest signal on your location. When you move on to an area, part of town etc. where the signal of another available GSM network (of another mobile operator) is stronger, the telephone will again automatically connect to the strongest signal of GSM network on that location.
If manual network selection is set on the telephone, after a short network search (Searching Networks), the display will show all available and accessible networks of GSM operators in that country. Select and mark the one whose services you prefer, confirm (OK) and your telephone will be constantly remain connected to the network of your selection.
If Telenor does not have the agreement on commercial roaming with a GSM network you wish to select, the telephone display will show the message "NO ACCESS".


GPRS roaming