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Telenor Prepaid credit now worth even more!

20 times more prepaid credit just for Telenor prepaid customers

Call My Menu (Moj Meni) and activate “10x more” offer and enjoy in 10 times more credit for calls in the network, messages to all networks and internet.
Check your offers for x more credit by calling *123# menu and selecting "Umnoži kredit" (Increase credit).
Note* ”Umnoži  kredit“ offers allow users to multiply the amount of their credit top-up by x more and use that credit for calls, SMS in network, in Montenegro, as well as internet, in the next 7 days from moment of activation (till 23:59 on the seventh day).


By *123# dialing all Telenor prepaid customers have a possibility to choose one of Add (Dodaj) offers created in line with the customers’ needs.
  • Add all (Dodaj sve)–enables users to call all users from Telenor network in a relaxed way, send messages to absolutely everyone and surf the internet without limits.
  • Add for all networks (Dodaj za sve mreže) – add-on with minutes and messages in national traffic, as well as the internet.
  • Add calls and messages (Dodaj priču i poruke) – add-on with minutes in Telenor network and messages to all networks in national traffic.
You can relax and enjoy talking, texting and surfing without worrying that you will be left without credit! It’s important to share good things with those you care for, to be close to your friends on the Internet and use your phone without limits! Because with Telenor prepaid, your phone becomes much more than a device for talking and texting!

Call My menu (Moj Meni) *123# and pick one of the present offers created just to your measure!


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