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In the interest of providing reliable and effective communication support, the efforts of Customer care have now been advanced by the introduction of a new, modern and much quicker way of communicating with customers.
When you dial 1700, you will receive direct instructions that will lead you through the offered menu. After the salute message, by pressing a respective key you can select one of the offered options and very quickly and simply arrive at the desired information.

For postpaid customers:

  • 2  bill information
  • 5 roaming information
  • 6 automatic phone configurations

For prepaid customers:

  • 1 bill information
  • 5 automatic phone configurations
  • 6 transfer to postpaid


Protection against number disconnection and reconnection

Postpaid customers who meet the requirements* are provided with protection against disconnection from regular suspension of outgoing traffic, once a month in the period between the 1st and the 15th day. The protection of the number and status check are achieved via Moj meni (My menu) service by sending *123*4*4*1#. The number will be protected for 5 days.
Postpaid customers who meet the requirements*, by dialling voice machine at 1700, can also activate number connection option. It is also available for customers who have not used the short code for the protection against disconnection. This service can be used only once a month. If a payment is not  registered within 5 days from the moment of number connections, the number will be suspended again. Reactivation of such a number is possible only if evidence that payment was made is provided.

* Physical persons, business customers with separate accounts and business customers who are fully liable for payments and have 4 or more created accounts

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